Our Approach at Riverside Playgroup

We practice the Early Years Foundation Stage Development guiding principles, including:

A Unique Child - Every child is a competent learner from birth, who can grow to be confident, capable, resilient and self-assured

This is demonstrated by treating each child as a unique individual, valuing their diversity through inclusive practice, supporting their health and well-being, and keeping them safe and protected.

Positive Relationships - Children learn independence and emotional development from the basis of secure and loving relationships with parents, keyworkers and staff

This is demonstrated by creating a respectful and caring environment for all, providing warm and trusting relationships with children and strong partnerships with parents, and assigning a key-person to each child to facilitate secure attachments and assess their progress.

Enabling Environments - Children's environments play a key role in supporting and extending their development and learning

This is demonstrated by creating a rich and varied learning environment (both indoors and outdoors) to support development, providing a range of materials, games and activities, undertaking individualised observations and assessments of children to inform future planning, and working in partnership with other settings and professionals in a wider context including primary schools, Ofsted, SPA and more.

Learning and Development - Children learn and develop at different rates in different ways, and all areas are interconnected and of equal importance

This is demonstrated by valuing all kinds of play and exploration as a reflect of the interests of each child, facilitating children's curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, providing opportunities for active learning to consistently engage children through projects, games and events, and supporting the seven areas of learning & development:

Personal, Social and emotional Development; Language and Communication; Literacy; Maths; Creative Development; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; and Physical Development.

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