About Us

Our guiding principle is, and always will be, that the best way for children to learn is through play.  The children are able to choose their activities and their needs will always come first.

We welcome all children regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or range of disability or ability.  Any profit we make is put back into the playgroup.

Inside our premises we have a vast range of different areas and activities for the children to use and take part in. There are multiple maths tables, a writing/drawing area, a quiet book corner, a table with freshly made playdough, a dressing up/kitchen area, easels for painting, a computer, and themed arts and crafts tables, amongst a whole load of other activities. There is also a weekly opportunity for children to take part in cookery, where they help to make lots of different foods, from fairy cakes to couscous. We also have a large ball pool for use when there is no possibility of playing outside.

Outside we have a large, well established, grassed garden with play houses, a sand pit, slides, climbing apparatus and a vast range of outside toys.  We also have a planting area where the children help to plant, grow and harvest fruit and vegetables, and various insect tanks for them to observe. Each year we buy chrysalises so the children can watch them develop into butterflies, as well african land snails and stick insects.

We have two annual trips out: the farm trip where the children and their parents are invited to come to a farm in Chessington, and the boat trip along the River Thames. Other events include a photographer who comes once a year to do (optional) group and individual photos of the children, a ‘music man’  who comes twice weekly to the playgroup to play guitar and sing with the children, a christmas party and puppet show each year at the end of term and much, much more.